Puncture repairs

PJ Forklift Tyre Services is there when customers need them to handle forklift tyre repairs. A punctured tyre can bring your project to a halt. Take advantage of budget-conscious, on-site forklift tyre replacement services. Tyres are a crucial aspect of operating your forklift safely and achieving maximum productivity. Keep moving forward when you work with PJ Forklift Tyre Services to make puncture repairs promptly and effectively. We provide a complete range of solutions to accommodate any forklift and budget.


Avoiding Punctures

Just about any sharp object or major impact can be the cause of a punctured forklift tyre. Neglecting your tyres can also cause them to become worn and get punctured during the course of tackling tough terrain or handling large loads. It is important to have your tyres serviced regularly and repaired immediately to provide a safe workplace for all workers. Additionally, tyre problems can interfere with your work schedule, causing your business to lose precious time on-the-job.

On-site Puncture Repairs

PJ Forklift Tyre Services arrives quickly to make on-site puncture repairs. We can fix your forklift tyres right away or provide expert advice if the puncture is large. Paul will advise you of the safest way to fix forklift tyres without breaking the bank. We recognise function, safety and budget are major concerns for most of our valued customers. When forklift tyres are properly repaired, your business can continue operations without having any concerns.

Your business needs to be working at all times to remain profitable and reputable. Paul is also working constantly to accommodate forklift tyre repairs, replacement, installation, service and more. Turn to PJ Forklift Tyre Services for high quality forklift tyre repairs and dedicated customer service.


Contact Us Today

PJ Forklift Tyre Services is on-site when you call, to ensure the least possible down time for your business. Keep our phone number handy to contact us right away when you need forklift tyre repairs. Just call us on 0419 515 841 to get the help you need. Discuss your forklift tyre repairs and more with Paul at PJ Forklift Tyre Services, with over thirty years of experience servicing customers in the Melbourne area.