TR-900 is the new radial Trelleborg industrial pneumatic range. Designed to withstand industrial application stresses, the TR-900 product line offers stability, traction and security with its unique tread pattern and reinforced sidewalls.

The solid construction permits maximum performance and reduces downtime caused by punctures and tire damage, the tire is suitable to run on aggressive and abrasive surfaces. The reinforced sidewall offers better stability and helps to protect equipment, payload and driver, and furthermore permits a higher speed. All these aspects can be translated into time and cost-savings for the end user, because the TR-900 reduces the down time of the forklift truck for tire replacement and maintenance. Available from 9” to 33”.


Major features

  • Solid structure of the carcass
  • High tread depth
  • Reinforced sidewalls
  • Resistant to punctures
  • Better stability
  • Safe operations
  • Driving comfort

Technical data

Available Tread Patterns:

TR900 1600r25-2 tread-1800r25
TR-900 16.00R25 18.00R25-R33


Available Sizes:



Trelleborg Industrial Radial TR-900.pdf